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Super Tennis

Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Sports
ESRB Everyone
Release Date November 1, 1991


A fast, realistic sim of the popular sport, Super Tennis has options galore, including a variety of singles and doubles play, tournament action (with 20 generic men and women to select from, each of varying strengths), and three types of court surfaces: hard, lawn and clay. The ball bounces differently on each surface, just like in real tennis, and the lobs, slices, smashes and other strokes are realistically portrayed. The graphics and sounds are solid for a first-generation Super NES game, a password saves tournament progress, and the two-player action is super. This is easily the best tennis game for the system.


Pristine Cartridge has a few small flaws that are not very distracting. Can have light scuffs or other small detracting marks, but label will be intact.
Good May have light marks and/or scratches on label or cartridge
Poor May have light marks/ 3rd party vendor sticker/ faded or stained label but is intact 
Cosmetically Flawed May have distracting marks on Cartridge and/or label. Part or Whole front label may be missing



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