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Tinker Bell

Developer: WayForward Technologies
Genre: Action Adventure
ESRB: Everyone
Release Date: October 30, 2006
Player Count: 1 players

Play as the beloved Tinker Bell as you discover the secret and mystical world of Pixie Hollow. Explore the same whimsical environments from the Tinker Bell movie and play with your favorite fairy friends as you help prepare for the seasons. Experience all the fun in a dynamic Pixie Hollow world where your activities change during certain hours of the day, holidays and seasons. Believing is just the beginning

Play as Tink as you prepare the seasons and customize over 100 dresses shoes and accessories Interact with Silvermist Iridessa Fawn & Rosetta plus make new fairy friends. Find unique jewels and materials to create special gifts and watch as your creations be trends in Pixie Hollow. It's all about Real Time and the Seasons! Celebrate special occasions and watch Pixie Hollow transform during different times of the day.


Pristine Cartridge has a few small flaws that are not very distracting. Can have light scuffs or other small detracting marks, but label will be intact.
Good May have light marks and/or scratches on label or cartridge
Poor May have light marks/ 3rd party vendor sticker/ faded or stained label but is intact 
Cosmetically Flawed May have distracting marks on Cartridge and/or label. Part or Whole front label may be missing



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