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One Piece Luffy in Kimono Pop! Vinyl Figure (Luffytaro)

Series: One Piece
Manufacturer: Banpresto
Height (approx.)10.16 cm | 4"

Watching Luffy’s journey to become the King of the Pirates is one thing. Collecting all the One Piece Funko POP!s you can get your hands on is an entirely different thing. Some might consider it treasure hunting. After all, each collectible is as priceless as the next. This figurine features the Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, Monkey D. Luffy, wearing a kimono rather than his usual attire. Worry not, Luffy still has his Straw Hat, just not on top of his head. Add one of the most celebrated Main Characters in Anime history to your Funko POP! collection today. 

  • $11.99
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