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No Man's Sky

Developer Hello Games
Publisher Hello Games
Genre Action Adventure/Survival
Release Date August 9, 2016

No Man's Sky has a science fiction theme on an epic scale. Players get the chance to explore and discover an array of planets with abundant flora and fauna. During the exploration, it is possible to contribute to a massive database that is known as The Atlas. No Man's Sky has an open world game play which allows for long-distance wandering without stops. The stunning graphics in this game simulate the natural beauty of realistic and fictional lifeforms and landscapes including prehistoric and futuristic types. The ultimate goal of No Man's Sky is to gain a deep understanding of galaxies that seem difficult to grasp by the human mind. An advanced algorithm generates an infinite combination of features in the planets of No Man's Sky.


New: Brand new and factory sealed.  The disc has not been touched or inspected.
Like new: The packaging has been opened, and the disc may have been inspected, tested, and/or played once or twice, but it looks no different than when it was first opened.
Excellent: The disc has a few minor scratches, but they appear to be located within a small region.  In other words, the scratches aren’t all over the disc.
Good: The disc has many scratches, but none that are real deep.
Fair: There are deep scratches, scuffs, and/or minor cracks in the disc, but the game is still playable.
Former rental: The disc was formerly used as a rental copy and may have permanent rental stickers on the top (label side).  It is usually implied that the disc is in fair condition.



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