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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Atlas Limited Edition)

Developer Sledgehammer Games
Publisher Activision
Genre FPS
ESRB Mature
Release Date November 3, 2014

Atlas gorge re-envisions the fan-favorite call of duty 4: modern warfare map pipeline. The atlas corporation has commandeered the worlds largest power source, the three gorges dam in central china, whose sinister backdrop creates a gripping setting for multiplayer battle. Combatants will navigate the shadows, explore the maps new verticality empowered by exoskeleton technology, and control a map-based turret score streak that overlooks the dam and helps to keep enemies at bay.


New: Brand new and factory sealed.  The disc has not been touched or inspected.
Like new: The packaging has been opened, and the disc may have been inspected, tested, and/or played once or twice, but it looks no different than when it was first opened.
Excellent: The disc has a few minor scratches, but they appear to be located within a small region.  In other words, the scratches aren’t all over the disc.
Good: The disc has many scratches, but none that are real deep.
Fair: There are deep scratches, scuffs, and/or minor cracks in the disc, but the game is still playable.
Former rental: The disc was formerly used as a rental copy and may have permanent rental stickers on the top (label side).  It is usually implied that the disc is in fair condition.



 CIB - Complete In Box Item comes with game, case, cover art, and manual
SIB - Sealed In Box This is used with brand new items where it comes Factory Sealed


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