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Wildcats Version 3.0 #23

Publisher WildStorm Productions
Release Date September, 2004
Writer Joe Casey
Artist Dustin Nguyen, Rian Hughes

Grifter and his team are at Mt. Themiscrya and are under heavy fire, as he requests Jack Marlowe's help to use his power to teleport them inside the Coda's stronghold. But, Marlowe made his vows to Grifter as this conflict is not his (Marlowe). Marlowe disconnects from Grifter despite Agent Wax's protest.

Grifter, C.C. Rendozzo, and the Beef Boys fight their way up the mountain while Edwin Dolby, who refuses to get himself involved in a gunfight, infiltrates the stronghold.

Back at Halo, Wax continues to trying to convince Marlowe into helping Grifter given the fact that he is his friend. Marlowe points out otherwise that despite unwillingly to directly help Grifter, he activates a captive Agent Orange inside his cell and breaks him loose. Orange fights his way to where Zealot is being tortured to death by Indigandra, whom Orange kills and rescues Zealot. Elsewhere, Agent Chandler escapes from her prison and winds up finding Dolby.

At Halo, Wax is surprised by what Marlowe did in activating Orange, but he is still growing critical of insisting Marlowe's involvement. As Wax says this, Marlowe teleports himself away.

Orange and Zealot are then confronted by the Grand Sarin, who then engages Orange. Outside, Grifter and his allies are being overwhelmed by Coda reinforcements.

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