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The New 52: Teen Titans Vol.4 #18

Publisher DC Comics
Release Date May, 2013
Writer Scott Lobdell
Artist Brett Booth

Despite their bravery, everyone who leads the life that Tim Drake and his family have chosen to live faces death every day. One day that will surely come for each of them, their luck will run out, and death will take them, and all that will be left to do is say goodbye.

Mourning the loss of his adoptive brother Damian, Tim sits in the Batmobile crying. They had both served as costumed junior partners to the Batman, but it was Damian, Batman's real son, who had died. In his grief, he imagines that Damian is there, daring him to stop acting like the death actually meant something to him. Angrily, Tim shouts that Damian should not have been Robin. He should not have been in harm's way. He had started the Teen Titans in the first place so that kids like them would be protected. The adults are so caught up in saving the world that it has been left to the kids to protect each other. Damian embraces Tim in his arms and encourages him to do everything he can to protect other kids from the fate he met.

Alfred Pennyworth finds Tim by himself in the cave, crying. Tim responds to his calls, saying he just needed a minute alone to say goodbye to Damian. Alfred admits that he understands, but warns that it is better to lean on others for support during times of pain. Alfred encourages Tim to tell the Teen Titans about his loss, so that they can help him handle it, but Tim admits that he has not even told them his real name yet. Hugging Tim to him, he explains that there are more important things in the world than secrets.

One week later, Superboy arrives for the first time at the Teen Titans' barge in Pier 22 of New York City, unaware of the no-costume policy that protects their identities and lets them relax, for once. He has come to ask for a place on their team, having just been through some rough stuff himself. Despite his prior attempts to kill them, Tim agrees to let Superboy stay - regardless of what the others might think.

Meanwhile, Times Square gets a visit from Trigon.

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