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The New 52: Teen Titans Vol.4 #12

Publisher DC Comics
Release Date June 2011
Writer Scott Lobdell
Artist Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund, Andrew Dalhouse

Superboy and Red Robin are having trouble getting through to Cassandra Sandsmark while she wears the Silent Armor - a parasitic suit of armor that brings out her darkest side.

Cooperating, Superboy makes himself a distraction while Red Robin makes a small crack in the armor. Then, Superboy uses his tactile telekinesis to slip in through the cracks and separate the armor from Cassie's body. It takes significant effort, but eventually, the armor is removed, and Cassie is safe.

Unfortunately, there is no time to celebrate, as both Superboy and Red Robin are affected by a paralytic gas. The culprit is Diesel, a former boyfriend of Cassie's who is bitter about having been jilted by her. Against her will, he takes the power of the Silent Armor from her, and assumes his role as the harbinger of the end of days.

After Diesel escapes, Superboy and Red Robin are happy to have freed Cassie of her parasitic burden, but she, on the other hand, wants the armor back. She believes that the fate of the world depends on her being the one who controls the armor.

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