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Birds of Prey Vol 3 #14

Publisher DC Comics
Release Date January, 2013
Writer Duane Swierczynski
Artist Romano Molenaar

Condor catches a glimpse of a second shipment being collected by the Dagger Clan, hoping that whatever it is happens to be more incriminating than the sword he stole from their previous shipment. However, when he intercepts the pickup, he discovers that it was a ruse by the Birds of Prey in the hopes of finding out where Condor took the Soultaker Sword.

Confused by their appearance, Condor fights them, but he seems to have an unfair advantage: he has telekinetic powers. Realizing this, Black Canary works around his power, and kicks him off of the roof, realizing a little too late that he would probably die, if left to fall. She leaps over the edge after him, catching him in mid-air, and breaking their fall with the air-pressure produced by her Canary Cry. Unfortunately, the scream is so loud that it renders him temporarily deaf, and he has trouble answering their questions.

Meanwhile, the Dagger Clan knows that there are just 7 hours left before the detonation of their device, and their leader believes that the revenge they will have against Katana will be worth the sacrifices made.

At the Birds' request, Condor hands over the Soultaker Sword, which Katana snatches back angrily. Now that she has it, though, she will not leave Japan until the Daggers who dishonoured her are destroyed. Not long after saying so, Condor's hideout is overrun by Dagger assassins.

Canary and Condor use their similar abilities to blast the oncoming attackers back, but the effort seems to weaken Condor. With another wave of Daggers coming, Dinah grabs him up onto her back, has him open his wings, and then propels them into the air with her cry.

While Batgirl makes her escape, Starling tries to make a call to Amanda Waller from cover, but has to hold while she fights the Daggers. Katana, meanwhile, is overrun by the Daggers, and their leader assures her that her punishment will continue.

Canary and Condor crash land in an alley, but something is troubling Dinah. Despite his apparent efforts to help them, Condor turns to her, and knocks her unconscious with his mind, claiming that he will not go down the same road he once did again, no matter how pretty she is.

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