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Birds of Prey Vol 3 #12

Publisher DC Comics
Release Date October 2012
Writer Duane Swierczynski
Artist Stanley Lau

When Starling injects the head of a fracking company with the same toxin that now lies dormant in the blood streams of all of the Birds of Prey, Black Canary knows that they have gone too far to return to being the same old team again. Never has she felt so betrayed as she does now. Batman had been right about Poison Ivy, and now they are suffering as a result of trusting her.

In order to push her agenda of environmentalism, Ivy had poisoned her team, and threatened that if they did not help her bring down corporations who pose a threat to the environment, she would make them watch as the toxin inside them went viral, and kill all humankind. As a result, tensions have grown high, as the ladies begrudgingly comply with Ivy's commands, despite a distaste for her methods. Even so, Ivy had promised there would be no killing. Poisoning people is only a thin cut above it, though, in Canary's eyes.

After stealing a jet from the fracking company, they pilot it into an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Then, they infiltrate the facility. Starling must overload the rig's drill while Batgirl disables security. Unfortunately, Black Canary discovers that a number of employees have become trapped inside. If the drill is overloaded now, it would put those lives in peril. Canary orders Starling to hold off, but Ivy forces her hand. The drill explodes, causing the facility to go up in flames, and Canary is forced to use her cry to blast open a wall, and save the trapped employees. Ivy broke her promise.

They return to Ivy's base beneath Robinson Park, where a doctor who will not reveal his identity controls her recuperative systems. Batgirl destroys the controls as a distraction, hoping to escape and seek help from Batman in finding an antidote, while the others struggle with Ivy's ire. Fed up with Ivy's hold over the team, Katana thrusts her Soultaker Sword into her back. As Ivy collapses, she warns that in killing her, Katana has doomed the human race to die of the virus.

Though Black Canary trusts Katana implicitly, this was not what she wanted for her team. 

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